One Acre Fund, Munich Re and sfr-consulting develop new innovative risk transfer mechanism

Susan Wabune receives farming inputs at a One Acre Fund delivery site in Kasosi, Kenya (Hailey Tucker, One Acre Fund)

The only permanent way to end hunger in Sub-Saharan Africa is to invest in solutions that sustainably increase farm production. One Acre Fund is a nonprofit organization that is working with more than 500,000 smallholder farming families to do just that. The organization offers a comprehensive bundle of farm inputs, financing, and training to smallholders, and those who enroll on average see a 50 percent increase in their crop yields after just the first year. Currently One Acre Fund is working in Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania, Malawi, and Uganda, with the goal of reaching at least 1 million farm families, including almost 4 million children, by the end of the decade.

To support this expansion, sfr-consulting - a member of Munich Re Group - developed a new innovative risk transfer mechanism which helps to protect One Acre Fund’s program model. Although the impact of climate has been identified as an influential component in farm production, experience has shown that a bouquet of various risk factors contributes to the farmers’ performance.

Therefore, with the objective to develop sustainable insurance solutions, sfr-consulting together with Munich Re designed a comprehensive insurance scheme to protect local finance aggregators against default and non-performance of distributed loans and credits.

Statement from Franz Karmann, Managing Director at sfr consulting:

Reflecting the current efforts and development of climate-related insurance products, this solution is a further milestone. It combines different insurance lines and is structured to the need of the client. Climate change has multifaceted effects, which can hardly be addressed by one single insurance product. Therefore, we need more comprehensive insurance coverage by combining existing stand-alone solutions. With this solution, we secure the farmer’s access to affordable finance in a sustainable way.

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